The Nieuport 27 C.1 was a French, single seat biplane fighter aircraft from World War I.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Nieuport 27 was developed by Gustave Delage at the Societé Anonyme des Établissements Nieuport and was the last Nieuport fighter with V-shaped interplane struts, that was used in World War I. The aircraft was based on its predecessors Nieuport 17 and Nieuport 24. The Nieuport 27 had a more aerodynamical fuselage, a modified landing gear and new vertical stabilizators. The wingtips and the ailerons were rounded by Delage.

The power of the Le Rhone-radial engine was improved from 110 horsepower of the Nieuport 17, to 120 horsepower (88 kW). The Nieuport 27 was equipped with a synchronized 7.7 mm Vickers- or Lewis machine gun, which was mounted on the top of the fuselage.

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