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800px-X-47A rollout

The Northtrop Grumman X-47A Pegasus is an experimental Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The X-47A was developed through the DARPA and J-UCAS program, and today it is after it´s cancellation with the X-47B part of the UCAS-D program by the US Navy, to develop the first carrier based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.


The first Roll-out of the X-47A was on 30th July 2001, but the first flight of the X-47A was on 23rd February 2003. During the test program no bombs were dropped, however 225 kg dummy bombs were monted in the internal weapon bays, the reason for that was to simulate the loaded weight of the UAV during flight testing. It´s design is basically a tailless flying arrowhead. It has six control surfaces two elevons and and four inlaids. The X-47A´s inlaids are mounted on the top and the bottom of the wings forward of the wingtips and they are small flap structures.

The X-47A showed problems when operating at maritime battlefield and especially in aerias with Liquid water, which is very agressive against it. After cancelling the J-UCAS program of the United States on 13th January 2006, development of the X-47A was stopped, so the Nacy selected the X-47B by Northtrop as their UCAV demostrator.