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The Northrop XP-79 was an US flying wing jet powered interceptor aircraft of World War II designed by Jack Northrop in 1942. Production started in 1943.


The XP-79 was the first jet-powered aircraft of the United States. It was designed to intercept enemy bombers with high speeds and ram into them without getting destroyed. Its shape, along with its strong magnesium armor, would allow it to severely damage or completely slice off tails and wings from enemy bombers. Because of its intended role, the XP-79 was nicknamed the "Flying Ram".

In addition to its flying wing design and unusual role for an American World War II aircraft, it had a unique unpressurized cockpit that required the pilot to lie down in a prone position, similar to a glider.


The XP-79B was lost on its first flight when it crashed due to unknown reasons and the pilot was killed. After the accident, the program was cancelled.