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A pilot error is an unvoluntary action where a wrongly-executed maneuver


can cause a small incident during a flight or even a fatal accident in the worst cases, in fatal accidents this is oftenly discovered when climate conditions and mechanical failures are completely discarted from possible causes. In some fatal accidents where the pilot dies, the most important reasons of commiting a fatal error are not completely confirmed, while in other cases it's easy to determine it by just listening to cockpit voice recorders.

Accidents involving pilot error[]

  • BEA flight 548 crashed due to a non-appropiate alieron lowering at cruise altittude, the reasons why pilot did it are not known since there wasn't any voice redorder in the plane.
  • In Northwest flight 255 pilots forgot to lower the alierons, which meant that the DC-9 had no chance to fly properly.
  • Delta Airlines flight 1141 reported a similar problem, but in this case thanks to voice recorder it was revealed that pilots were distracted by having a conversation with a flight attendant.
  • In American Airlines flight 587, the pilot made a violent and continuous rudder movement, which destroyed the vertical stabilizer and made the plane crash in a residential area.
  • On January 3, 1961, Aero Flight 311 crashed near Kvevlax, Finland due to both pilots being heavily intoxicated.