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The Qaher-313 (also known as "Q-313" or "F-313") is a stealthy, Iranian fighter jet, first publicly displayed on 1st February 2013.

Background and Design[]

Since its War with Iraq, Iran has been under sanctions which do not allow buying Russian and Chinese fighter jets. And the Iranian Air Force is currently composed of obsolete American and Russian fighter aircraft, which were acquired before the Iranian Revolution in 1979. So being able to upgrade its own Air Force seems to be urgent for Iran. However it’s far more questionable whether the plane is even able to fly or whether it is just not a mock-up or a radio-controlled scale model.

When getting a closer look onto the aircraft, it can be seen that the aircraft is a way too small to be competitive in aerial combat. The pictures show as well that the intakes are too small and the engine doesn’t even have a nozzle. The logical cause of this is that the aircraft is just a model of what the Iranians plan.