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800px-S-300PMU2 complex

The Russian S-300PMU-1/2 (NATO codename: SA-20 Gargoyle) is a mobile, all-weather long range surface-to-air missile system, to engage all kinds of aircraft and cruise missiles, at all altitudes. Besides that, it is also able to intercept short- and medium range ballistic missiles. The S-300PMU-1 is the successor to the S-300PMU (NATO codename: SA-10F Grumble) and it is being replaced by the S-400 Triumph.


During the 1980s, many different variants of the S-300P anti-aircraft system were made. The first of them received the nickname SA-10 Grumble by the NATO. And because the last two systems of the S-300PMU series, the S-300PMU-1 and the S-300PMU-2, had many differences to their predecessors, they received the NATO codename SA-20 Gargoyle in the year 2003. Both systems were based on the predecessor systems, the S-300PMS and the S-300PMU, but were upgraded in many ways.

The system is made of the TOMBSTONE (36N85) fire-control radar, the BIG BIRD (64N6E2) lock-on and surveillance radar, the CLAM SHELL (96L6), a radar to detect flying objects incoming at low altitudes, the 83M6E2 command station and the 5P58SU2 and 5P85DU2 vehicles, to carry and launch the missiles. The system can be equipped with two different missiles, which are the SA-20A missile, with a range of up to 150 km, or the SA-20B, with a range of up to 200 km.