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800px-ZRS S-300PS 2007 G1

A S-300PS in the year 2007.

The S-300 (Russian: C-300 — советский зенитно-ракетный комплекс) is the designation for a series of Russian surface-to-air missiles, which are developed by NPO Almaz in multiple variants. The first system was the S-300P (NATO codename: SA-10A Grumble), which was developed in the former Soviet Union in the year 1978 and it was designed to shoot down hostile aircraft and cruise missiles. In comparison to its predecessors, the S-75 and S-200, it was equipped with a more advanced Phased-Array-Antenna and systems. But newer variations can also be used against ballistic missiles and LO-aircraft (Low Observable aircraft).

The newest variant is the S-400 Triumph (NATO codename: SA-21 Growler), which is available since 2004 and it is the successor design to the S-300 family.


  • S-300P
  • S-300F
  • S-300FM
  • S-300PMU-1
  • S-300PMU-2
  • S-300WM