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The Sopwith Camel is a World War 1 fighter that was used on the western front. It was introduced in 1917, and production totalled 5,490 aircraft.


  • Length: 18 FT 9 In
  • Wingspan: 26 FT 11 In
  • Maximum Speed: 115 MPH/ 185 KM/H
  • Maximum Altitude: 21,000 FT


  • With a rotary engine installed, the crankshaft remained fixed in place while the cylinders moved around it with the propeller. As a result, the Camel often pulled to the right. A 3/4 turn to the right took the same time as a 1/4 turn to the left. This was often used by more skilled pilots in a dogfight.
  • The "Gnome" engines lacked throttle: while ignition was on, the engine was at full power, no matter what. A selector switch was used to cut power to cylinders to lower the output.