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The Stinson Voyager was a 1940s American light utility monoplane built by the Stinson Aircraft Company.


First developed as the Stinson Model 105 in 1939, the Voyager was a high-wing three-seat braced monoplane powered by either a 75-hp (63.4-Kw) Continental A-75 or an 80-hp (67.7-Kw) Continental A-80-6.[1] This was developed into the Model 10 powered by a Continental A-80 piston engine.[1] The Model 10 introduced a wider cabin as well as an improved standard for the interior and finish.[1] The Model 10 was followed by the Model 10A, powered by a Franklin 4AC-199 engine and the Model 10B with a Lycoming GO-145.[1]

Six Model 10As were evaluated by the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) as the YO-54. The successful tests led to an order for the slightly larger and heavier O-62, later designated the L-5 Sentinel.[1]

A number of Model 105s and Model 10As were impressed into USAAF service as the AT-19 (later L-9).[2]

After World War II, the type was developed as the Model 108, the prototypes being converted Model 10As.