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Iberia Caravelle

A Sud Aviation Caravelle of Iberia.

The Sud Aviation Caravelle was a two-engine jet airliner built by french manufacturer Sud Aviation.


Development of the Caravelle began in 1950 when SGACC[N 1], the department of the French government responsible for civil aviation, issued a tentative specification for a turbine powered medium airliner. SNCASE[N 2] responded by proposing the X-210 member of it's model 200 family. The X-210 was a streamlined design, with a trio of SNECMA Atar engines, each producing

90 1

A Swedish Caravelle III.

6,000 lb st (27 kN), grouped in the rear fuselage. Shortly afterwards it was decided to utilise a pair of Rolls Royce Avons, each producing 9,000 lb st (41 kN).[1]



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