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20180512 B-17 Flying Fortress Dyess AFB Air Show 2018 1

Texas Raiders at the Dyess AFB Air Show, May 12, 2018.

Texas Raiders was a Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress warbird flown by the Commemorative Air Force's Gulf Coast Wing and last operated by American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum.

The aircraft, serial number 44-83872, was built in 1944 by Douglas Aircraft Corporation at Long Beach and delivered to the USAAF on July 12, 1945, but transferred to the Navy on July 21, becoming a PB-1W maritime patrol aircraft. It was retired in 1955, and Aero Service Corporation bought it in 1957, using it for aerial surveying until 1967, when it was sold to the Confederate Air Force (which changed its name to Commemorative Air Force in 2001). It was modified back to a B-17G and flew in air shows.

Texas Raiders was destroyed in a collision with a Bell P-63 Kingcobra on November 12, 2022 during the Wings Over Dallas air show. All six people in both aircraft were killed.