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Tupolev Tu143 Reys (VR-3) 8219 (8249976763)

The Tupolev Tu-143 Rejs or Tupolev M-143 is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, used for reconnaissance, it was developed by OKB Tupolev. In 1976 it entered service with the Soviet armed forces and was called WR-3. Out of the Sovietunion, the WR-3 was used by East Germany as well.

One of the remaining Tu-143 is based at the airport near the Megasport-Arena in Moscow.


Crew Unmanned
Engine Klimov TR3-117
Wingspan 2.24 m
Length 8.06 m
Height 1.54 m
Launch weight 1,230 kg
Maximum speed 950 km/h ( 590 mph )
Range 200 km
Service ceiling 5,000 m ( 16,400 ft )
Armament This aircraft don´t has armament
Take-off method

Rocket Assisted Take-off

398px-Tu-143 Kyiv 2009 2