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The Tupolev Tu-2 (Russian: Туполев Ту-2, NATO codename: "Bat") was a twin engine, medium weight bomber, that was used by the Soviet Union during World War II. It was the most advanced Soviet Bomber aircraft of that time.


The Tu-2 was developed after a requirement of the Soviet Air Force for a bomber that can be used for dive bombing, for convetional bombing, as well as for reconnaissance roles. The aircraft should be the replacement for the SB-2 from the year 1934.

The Tu-2 prototype was designed as Samolyot 103 (Aircraft-103). The first prototype ANT-58 had its first flight on 29th January 1941 and was called FB-58 or Tu-58 as well. This prototype was designed to be a conventional bomber, while the second prototype ANT-59 (also Samolyot 103U; First flight: 18th May 1941) was designed as a dive bomber. The last prototype ANT-60/103W was equipped with new ASch-82 engines, because the old AM-37 engines could not be mass produced as good as the new ones.

In November 1942 the first aircraft, under the specification ANT-61/Samolyot 103S, were delivered and they were first used in combat on 14th September 1942. At the beginning of the year 1943 it was named Tupolev Tu-2. In the year 1948 production ended. All in all 2,527 aircraft were built, depending on other sources 2,550 aircraft.