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USS Shenandoah

USS Shenandoah (ZR-1) was a dirigeable-type of airship built by the Zeppelin company of Germany. It represented the pinnacle of rigid airship design at the end of WWI. The Shenandoah was built to meet treaty obligations, providing the United States with a war prize. The airship was designed to be able to operate with either hydrogen or helium liftgas. It was an airborne aircraft carrier, carrying parasitic observer/fighter aircraft to extend its coverage in observation. It was operated by the United States Navy, and not the USAAC, and treated as a non-capital warship.

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Two airships based on this design were later built by the Goodyear company, the USS Akron ZRS-4 and USS Macon ZRS-5. As well, the Zeppelin company was contracted to build the USS Los Angeles ZR-3 based on this design.