I am a 21 year old aircraft enthusiast, as well as the head of the Aircraft Wiki.

When I was 10 years old, my parents gave me a copy of Jane's Aircraft Recognition Guide, 1994 edition. This was probably a bad idea. I carried that book around with me everywhere I went, and was constantly reading it. I was determined to learn all I could about aircraft. By the time I went to my first airshow a year later, I knew every aircraft that I saw on-sight, and a fair amount about them.

When I was twelve years old, I joined Civil Air Patrol, the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, as a cadet. I progressed through the cadet program, eventually earning the highest level, Cadet Colonel, and the corresponding Spaatz Award. I am now no longer a cadet, but a full Captain.

I have been very active on Memory Alpha, the Star Trek wiki. I am registered there as OuroborosCobra as well.

I have reserved an account for a future bot at Cobra-bot.

Major ContributionsEdit

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