I am writing this blog for personal use with recording the various ideas I have with aircraft. Feel free to comment if you like.

  1. Canard additions to obsolete planes. What if the Tomcat, or an Eagle had canards? Would they be any better?
  2. Thrust vectoring to obsolete planes: What if the Dart or Tomcat had 3D TVS?
  3. "Over-The-Top-Wings": Sort of like a bi-plane, but the wings are much lower to the body of the plane. Take an F-22 for example, it has a blended wing and body design. What if a second wing were to be added on top of the normal wing? Not very high up, but close to the rest of the body, attached with poles, like on a biplane? Or the wing tips were attached to the outer wing of the normal wing, and there was a gap between both wings over the body of the plane?
  4. A Tri-plane with independant canards and the exhaust pipes had a vectoring ability. (Yeah, I just said that)
  5. Canards on modern planes: Take an F-35, add some canards, see how it works.
  6. Ultimate F-35: All three variants put together. Take the B model, with VTOL, and have the C model's wings and tail hook used. Also, have the A model's internal gun along with a gun pod. So overall, it has larger wings, a carrier hook, VTOL/STOL abilities, an internal gun, and a gun pod (B and C variants)
  7. Rocket bombing system: Bomber's use bombs, but the bombs are rockets. Powered bombs that can bu used on multirole and bomber type planes. Would a higher velocity make more damage, or add any more penetration? As well, make a cluster bomb form: the rocket flies, spins, breaks apart like a normal cluster bomb, but with the extra momentum.

All three F-35 variants together

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