UFO Sightings in Belgium, 1990

UFO Sightings in Belgium, 1990

This is very scary, is this an UFO or an top secret USAF aircraft ? The radars of the two F-16 Fighting Falcon which should intercept it showed extreme accelaretion and impossible maneuverability. ( Real story happened in 1989 )

( Remember this blog does not means that I believe in aliens or other things like this is just an intersting topic I´ve found during some Google research )


I´ve taken a picture from which it is said that it is not a fake ( I know this from a documentary ) ,because it can be
Rechain expertise marion

Sorry for French text it was the only image that showed what I wanted

seen that the three triangel lights are distorted it could mean that the aircraft is moving so that it might be not a fake ! But it´s only speculation.


Actually, I´m sure that this isn´t an alien craft, it was a secret US Air Force spy plane ( enter TR-3B on Google search ) and the extreme acceleration was probably an error of the APG-66, while it wasn´t shown on the ground radars. And if then there are idiots like Edgar Fouche who claim that the US Air Force is copying alien technology, I just say don´t believe it, because if this is true ( he worked in Area 51 ) the CIA would have put him into prison in best case. And why shouldn´t this be an USAF aircraft ? Just look on other secret aircraft like the F-117, it was 15 years top secret and there are other USAF projects developed in the 1950s and we know now from them, about 60 years later. Actually the TR-3B is very similar to the Aurora Hypersonic plane, noone knows wether it exists or not.

Please tell me what you think/know about this topic !

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