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The Vympel R-33 (NATO codename: AA-9 Amos) is a Soviet BVR (Beyond Visual Range) air-to-air missile, designed for great distances.


The Vympel R-33 was developed to be the main weapon of the Mikoyan MiG-31 Interceptor. The missile was developed by Vympel (Russian: Вымпел) in the 1960´s. The semi-active radar guided missile with inertial navigation to attack targets at great distances has many similarities to the already retired American-made AIM-54 Phoenix. The R-33 is actually not useable against highly manoeuvrable fighters, while it was designed to be used by the MiG-31 Interceptor against bombers, which are not very manoeuvrable.

Primarily used on the MiG-31, both versions of the R-33 are an option for the Su-27.[1]


  • Length: [R-33 izdieliye 410] 163.4 in (4.15 m) [R-33S] c164 in (c4.2 m)
  • Span: [Both] 46.5 in (1.18 m)
  • Diameter: [Both] 15 in (0.38 m)
  • Weight: [R-33 izdieliye 410] 1,080 lbs (490 kg) [R-33S] c1,300 lbs (c600 kg)
  • Range: [R-33 izdieliye 410] 65 Nautical miles (120 km)[1]


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