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The Xian H-8 was a Chinese Multi engine strategical bomber. It was designed to be a replacement for the aging H-6 Bomber. At the beginning of the project it was planned to built an H-6 that would be somewhat larger and powered by underwing engines, but this derivative was terminated in the 1970s.


The H-8 is developed by Xi´an Aircraft factory. At first it was planned to produce a four engine H-6 derivative, development started in February 1971. Later the capability to strike at sea targets was added by the People´s Liberation Army Air Force. The First Flight of the prototype was in January 1978.

In comparison to the old H-6 it had an increased range up to 8,000 km, that was a third more than the old one and it was able to climb 40 % faster. It was also capable of carrying a wide variety of bombs with a weight difference of 100 to 9000 kg bombs. It was able to carry a maximum payload of up to 18 tons, what means two 9,000 kg bombs or 180 100 kg bombs, but the paylod was later decreased to 7 tons to improve range, what means that it was now unable to carry the 9,000 kg bombs.

It was also able to carry nuclear armament as well as anti ship missiles and missiles against land targets. The H-8 is able to carry three missiles two of them are stored under the wings and the third one in the bomb bay.

It is controled by a 6 people crew, which are seating in two compartments. The avionics of it are based on downed B-52 Stratofortress, that were used by the US Air Force during the Vietnam War.